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Who is eligible to apply?
We accept applications from artists who are at a professional level. Those who are engaged in undergraduate studies at the time of application are ineligible.
Do you accept applications from librettists?
Yes, particularly if they are working in collaboration with composers.
Do you accept applications from painters, sculptors or performers?
Due to heavy demand we are unlikely to be able to offer a residency to anyone whose work is not related to the creation of new musical works. We cannot offer places to performers who are curating and/or rehearsing programmes.
Do you cater for all diets?
We can cater for omnivores, pescatorians, vegetarians and vegans. It will help us to know your needs in advance. Other dietary needs can possibly be met, but we cannot manage serious allergies. Please let us know your needs when you apply and we can discuss the options.
Do you provide wine or beer at dinner?
We welcome everyone on the first evening with a glass of sparkling wine, but thereafter it is up to artists to bring their own drinks, should they wish to. In common with the Britten-Pears Foundation we have a zero-tolerance drugs policy.
Do you cover the cost of travel to MADE AT THE RED HOUSE?
No. But we will collect you from Saxmundham station, should you come by train.
I have mobility issues. Can I be accommodated?
Currently, the houses cannot accommodate anyone with serious mobility issues. However, if you have specific needs, please contact us for more information.
Can I bring my partner/child?
Overnight guests are not permitted. Nor are pets.
What equipment do you provide?
Each house has WiFi, a piano keyboard (usually electronic) with headphones, and a work table or desk.
Do you provide mentorship?
No. We do invite guests from the music industry to dinner, but this is strictly informal. In 2019 our dinner guests included Sarah Bardwell (BPF), Roger Wright (Snape Maltings), Anne Rushton (NMC), Rosie Johnson (RVW Trust), Camilla King (Cheltenham Music Festival), and James Murphy (RPS).
Can I work in the Archive?
Yes, on weekday mornings by prior arrangement with the archivists, who will also be happy to let you explore the vast and extraordinary collection of manuscripts, scores and reference materials. You can see the catalogue here. The archive is open to the public in the afternoons, when it hosts exhibitions, so is less suitable at those times. Because of the pandemic, this is probably not an option in 2020.
Can I work in the Library?
Yes, by prior arrangement, in the mornings – when it is closed to the public. We will arrange a sign-up form. You will be able to work at Britten’s Steinway. If, say, a composer wishes to have a session working on a new piece with a performer, given sufficient advance notice, the Library can be used for this purpose too (though the performer cannot be accommodated at The Red House). Because of the pandemic, this is probably not an option in 2020.
If I stay at Imogen Holst’s house, how do I get back and forth to The Red House if I have no car?
Artists seem to enjoy the 20 minute walk, even when they have a car. But we can provide a bicycle and/or give you a lift if necessary.
Does MADE AT THE RED HOUSE have anything to do with residencies at Snape Maltings?
No, that is a separate organisation. Creative retreats are available at The Red House on application to the Britten Pears Foundation but they are entirely self-catered.

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