Wild Plum Arts has been invited by the Britten-Pears Foundation to host an artists residency at The Red House in Aldeburgh from August 5th until September 2nd this year.

Our artists for MADE AT THE RED HOUSE in 2019:

  • Laura Attridge
  • Toria Banks
  • Tara Creme
  • Stephen Crowe
  • Litha Efthymiou
  • Craig Gell
  • Alex Groves
  • Liz Johnson
  • Matthew Kaner
  • Arthur Keegan-Bole
  • Robert Laidlow
  • Katie Lam
  • Gemma McGregor
  • Lewis Murphy
  • Alex Parker
  • Jacqueline Saphra
  • Martin Scheuregger
  • Mark Simpson
  • Benjamin Tassie
  • Heloise Werner

We are very grateful to the Boltini Trust and the RVW Trust for their generous donations towards MADE AT THE RED HOUSE

If you would like to support our work for the residency (Lucy Schaufer and Chris Gillett will be doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry) please visit our dedicated webpage:

The Artists Residency

We are providing accommodation, full board and private workspace for up to six artists at a time, in four houses belonging to the Britten-Pears Foundation – three next to the Red House itself, and the fourth at Imogen Holst’s House in Aldeburgh. Two of the houses present ideal opportunities for artists who are collaborating on a project.

The purpose of the residency is to create an ideal working environment for professional artists. A day at the Red House will follow a simple structure: breakfast and lunch will be supplied to be eaten in the individual houses at the artist’s own schedule, and dinner will be hosted by us in Home Reach (the largest of the houses), when we hope all the artists will join us.

Between 9 a.m and 4 p.m., and again after 10 p.m. will be “quiet hours” for artists to work without interruption. The extraordinary Britten-Pears library and archive is on site and will be available – from 1pm to 5pm Tuesday to Friday – to all artists. No routine is prescribed. A walk in the country or by the sea is encouraged.

The aim of the residency is to provide a creative work space – a “think” space – so there will be no obligation or expectation that the artists complete work while at the residency, but we and the Britten-Pears Foundation hope that any work that is created or begun during the residency will acknowledge the support we have given by crediting the work as being MADE AT THE RED HOUSE.

If you would like to support our work, please visit the SUPPORT US page.