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wild plum extravaganza
Dorothy Anne Cairns-Smith
Susan Fralick and Hank Rutter
In memory of Peter Hobbs
Brindley and Chris Sherratt
Nick Gillett and Cecilia Weiss
Francesca Simon and Martin Stamp

wild plum harvest
Simon and Hilary Carrington
James and Annette Laing
Jeff and Teresa McCutchan

wild plum jam
Deb Keisler and Pam Weedman
Fiona Maddocks
Florence and Rowan White
Micaela Martens

wild plum pie
Jeanette Bogart
Iain Burnside
Karen Cargill
Jonathan and Emma Cross
Patrick and Margaret Ghielmetti
Simon and Wiebke Halsey
Peter and Nancy van den Honert
Barbara Humble
Patricia Ward Kelly
Linda Kitchen
Joan Mielke
Polly Nash
Elkanah Pulitzer
Michael Ridley
David Sawer
Helene Schneiderman
Frank Shoufer
Vicky Simmons
Christopher Swita
David Weiss
Mitchell Weiss
Dyan Yoder

wild plum fruit
Geoff Andrew
Nicholas Daniel
Tom Elwin
Cathy Graham
Morag Joss
Stuart MacRea
Jane Mackay
Holly Mathieson
Evan Mielke
Rob Murray
Stephen Newbould
Robert and Jane Orth
Nino Sanikidse

wild plum stone
Lana Bode
Adam Gillett
Chris Glynn
Yvonne Howard
Rachel Hynes
Jennifer Johnston
Camilla King
Tom and Tina Maxwell
Madeleine Mitchell
Caroline Newton
Seth Parker Woods
Claire Pendleton
Miss Printeditions

Theresa McCutchan
Jonathan & Emma Cross

We also receive support from the Boltini Trust, the RVW Trust and the Hinrichsen Foundation