April 8th 2023

We have taken the difficult decision to cancel Made At The Red House.

When you sail a small boat into the wind, you have to tack from side to side in a zigzag, and eventually you can reach your destination. But when the tide joins the wind in being against you, progress becomes impossible and the sensible thing to do is to drop anchor and wait for the conditions to change. 

This is how it has felt in the last six months. 

Our ability to be nimble during the pandemic served us well – running two residencies when so many other projects were cancelled – and we felt ready to resume the residency work we had successfully provided; but we didn’t foresee the immense difficulties that we currently face, particularly when it comes to funding.

We are still dedicated to providing a “think space” which supports the artistic process, because we know it is vital; without process there is no product. But we need time to take stock, to stay at anchor, and to decide when and where we can provide the best option for composers and creators. 

To everyone at BRITTEN PEARS ARTS past and present, thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration.

WILD PLUM ARTS will continue to commission new works and perform the Wild Plum Songbook.