Before you begin
Applicants must be at a professional level.
We primarily aim to encourage the creation of new musical works, at any stage of development, in any genre, including all forms of music theatre.
We do not offer places to singers or instrumentalists who want to prepare for performances.

Please visit our FAQs page before you apply


Application is very straightforward. We welcome applications from individuals and from pairs of artists who are collaborating on a single project. Each artist in a collaborating pair should provide individual information and references (see below) but please make it clear that you are applying as a collaboration.
PLEASE limit your entire application to just ONE page of A4 per person, as a PDF.
A reference from someone of good professional standing must be emailed separately by the referee with your name in the subject box. For collaborating pairs, the same referee can speak for both artists.
Please email your application (and have your referee email their reference too) to


In your application we need these things:

  • A very short biography. Two paragraphs will suffice. But do include any website links.
  • An outline of the work you would like to do on the residency.
  • The name of your referee, their contact information, and their professional status.
  • The residency you would be available to attend. These are:
    RESIDENCY 1: August 3rd to 9th
    RESIDENCY 2: August 12th to 18th
    RESIDENCY 3: August 21st to 27th
    (Should you be accepted we will offer you just ONE module)
  • Please let us know if you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore…
  • How you would travel to the residency – by train, car or other. We can meet trains at Saxmundham station. The cost of travel is the artists’ responsibility.
  • Your contact information.

Applications will be considered by an anonymous, expert panel. We will let all applicants know if they have been successful or not by early July.